Dark Waters


Dark Waters was created as a story-telling project. The main idea was to explore an intense "film" atmosphere with a consistent narrative orientation. Of course, many references appear through this project, such as Indiana Jones, Pirate of the Caribbean, Black sails, Hook, or even Lost... I have always been fascinated by the courage of explorator and the way they face the unknown, and through this project, we tried to transcribe this passion for exploration, unknown, and mystery places.

The story was developed with my brother, Alexandre Dubois. The story evolved through discussions, back and forth, and we tried to capture an intense atmosphere. Then, his talent for writing and story-telling took the narration to another level.

Finding time for this type of project is always challenging, so passion and communication are essential to make the production enjoyable. One main challenge was creating a cinematic feel through the images and the narration. Framing, colors, and mood are tools to communicate the story we want.

Thomas Dubois

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