Château Noir


Chateau Noir is a metaphor; it’s the transposition of a fairy tale. We should not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of myths and fairy tales. There is a lot of depth in it. They possess the vibrant, dramatic, and emotional ingredients of a good story. Though they come to us from a long past, the depth and beauty, marvel, and terror of these earliest stories of the world still have the power to enchant us. That’s why they stand beside the old favorites in literature, the stories to which we return again and again because of their imaginative power and timeless message. Who lies hidden deep within us?

What would be your dearest wish today? If seven fairies would come and bless you with their promises, what would you ask for? If it is wealth, what kind of wealth is it? If it is grace, what grace lies deep inside us? If it is beauty, we should ask ourselves what beauty really means to us.

The Sleeping Beauty tale has a lot of depth and can have a different reading nowadays. Actually, it’s not so much about a prince that is awaking a princess with a magic kiss, and they live happily ever after. There is much more in it. By taking a step back from it we find ourselves asking: which part of ourselves falls asleep at a particular moment? And if someone comes to awake us, for what reason? Does Aurora really need someone to awake her? What if it is actually the opposite? Do we need someone to awake us?

Thomas Dubois

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